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martedì 8 gennaio 2013

Intervista al Furioso George Tabb!!!!

Ok a voi teste di culo non  fregherà un cazzo ma io amo George tabb. Sono cresciuto leggendo le sue storie fantastiche da perdente punk rocker sulle pagine di Maximum rnr. L'LP  dei Furious George è bellissimo ma è il singolo che veramente ho consumato con il giradischi e ho amato come voi amate me. Anche il poco che ho sentito dei false prophets mi sembra figo ma li ho ascoltati poco (come le altre sue band)....
insomma per un perdente come me che ama punk rock vero, George è sempre stato quello che cat stevens è per quella hippy di mia madre. Un Grande.
Qui sotto troverete una "intervista" (o meglio delle domande random che ho fatto a uno che considero fighissimo che è stato gentilissimo a rispondermi):
non ho nessuna intenzione di mettermi li a tradurre quindi arrangiatevi. 

1-I heard you played a reunion show earlier this year with furious george. Could you do that again? Could you imagine coming to europe? And obvioulsy how is your health?
Wow! Three questions in one! Furious George is doing shows, believe it or not. In fact, we are doing a show next week in New York City. I like to do maybe to a year at most. Otherwise I'm too exhausted. That explains the health thing. But when I do play, it feels great and is a lot of fun
2-I remeber you writing about buying heavy guitars to hit people with. Do you think that punk rock bands (at least the poppier ones) have forgotten about the anger? Dee dee and johnny always seemed angry why can't they?
You are right! Anger is the key! It's punk Rock. I hate seeing bands Who Wear thousand dollar glasses just to look at their shoes. And play guitars made of balsa wood. Hitting people over the head is a great way to wake them up and get them into the show, besides, it could also mean a free ride to jail!
3-Come on give us a ramones story. We live for them!
So, one Christmas eve, it is freezing outside, and my stepfather decides that now is the time to buy a Christmas tree. It is the evening before Santa comes, and that she trees are very cheap. He figures they'll be at least half price since they will be useless tomorrow. So we buy this Huge Ass tree and me and My stepfather, Nick, start carrying it home. After about a block or so, we realize it is just too heavy for two old pussies like us. Suddenly, out of a pizza joint, comes Johnny Ramone. He says "you guys need some help with that" with his nasally Queens accent. We tell him that we do and then Johnny asks me how I am doing, and how are my bands. We talk a bit while carrying the tree home, and Johnny is confused why I am playing punk rock and not making any money. We got to the door of my home and ring the bell, my mom answers the door, she sees Johnny Ramone, and almost faints!
4-what is george tabb listening too now?
His own voice and the sound of a keyboard typing anyway!
5-i vaguely remeber you having trouble with lookout records. Don't you still find it kind of sad that it closed down even if the music wasn't as good as it once was?
My feeling is that all good things must come to an end to be valuable. If we had good things all the time, then nothing would be valuable. Having all this writing on the Internet of good stuff is so much, that it's almost disposable. We should treasure our words and music. That said, my fight with lookouts was way overblown. Larry and I are now friends again, and the whole thing was like a girls locker room fight. Lots of hair pulling and face scratching. Real punk rockers are sissies!
6-finish the following sentence:
Ben weasel hit a girl......
And he got the raw end of the deal. The girl was a fucking loudmouth, and should have left the guy alone. He warned her several times, if you watch the video, and she asks for it. I mean, most people don't ask for violence, but this girl did. And she got it. The only thing I would have done different was hit her with my guitar. My big white guitar. The sight of her blood on the fretboard would have made me hot! Ha! Joke!
7-we ramones masons like to say "it's ok to suck". Too many kids spend money on instruments and waste even more money and time on recording. Where has "not giving a fuck" gone?
The major media. Have you watched television or seen any movies lately?
8-do you know or like any italian bands?
I am really into Prada, and Dolce Gannama. Oh you said Bands! Not brands! Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers were a great Italian bad. The Manges are a great Italian bad. Spaghetti and meatballs are awesome, but because I'm old, they give me heartburn.
Anyway, thank you for letting me do this interview, and please make sure I get a link to it when it is up! It has been my pleasure doing this, and I am so sorry it took so long!
Thank you.
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se non avete letto fino a qui...fottetevi, non capite un cazzo!

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  2. Figo che gli piacciono i CCM!

    Carlo SKR.

  3. si capisce che non l'hai inventata tu perché cita i CCM.
    grande george!