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sabato 19 gennaio 2013

Signor vapid...

Domande inutle riceveranno sempre risposte inutili.
Ma tanto questo lo sapevate gia.

1-when are you coming to italy with the cheats?
Dan Vapid and the cheats are planning on going to Italy and some other cities throughout Europe in 2013. Hopefully those plans come to fruition.

2-what are your favourate songs you've written for any of your bands?
I don't have a favorite song but I definitely have preferences with each project. I really liked "it lives by night" and "ooh-la-la" on this latest record.

3-is dan panic still alive?
I haven't seen Dan Panic in many years. Last I heard he was living in San Francisco playing in a indie rock band.

4-Give us a few names of bands we should be looking out for
I think Kurt Baker writes great power pop songs. He has a record called "brand new beat" which is pretty great. 
Smoking popes are one of my all time favorites. They have a new EP which is really great.

5-come on. Tell me what the 27thing is!
27 doesn't mean anything. It's just a number that Ben and John would talk about in SW. It kept popping up. Eventually, it became a logo.

6-right you've played on some of the best records ever. choosing my favourate methadones record is easy because i love NOT ECONOMICALLY VIABLE so much, there's only one mopes cd so that's easy too, i've only got one sludgeworth recorded tape that i've never listened to much, my brain hurts is easy for screeching weasel, and SUCK THIS is my favourate record but god help me i can't pick a riverdales record.... my favourate is the fist one but the second one is much better even though i prefer phase three. it makes sense to me...honest. there are some good tunes on the newer recors (espescially tarantula)but the firt three are incredible...please tell me which to prefer. thank you!
My favorite is "Tarantula" "storm the streets" is second. "Invasion USA" third.

7-doesn't DAN VAPID & the Cheats make you laugh when you read it out loud? it's a costello or loyd cole or even worse kurt baker thing?
Do you mean Elvis Costello? And like I said, Kurt Baker is great. No, those types of names have a strong history in rock n roll. It feels pretty cool to me.

8-do you still care? do you still jump up and down and get chills listening to music?

Of course. But it's all types of music that gives me the chills. Not just pop punk or rock n roll songs. That feeling will be with me forever. 

9-say anything about the ramones!
The Ramones are the perfect blend of dumb and clever. And the simplicity is genius.

Thank you.

5 commenti:

  1. John! A quando un po' di domande inutili a Ben Weasel??


  2. noooooooooooo non voglio.rivoglio le interviste finte!fanno ridere e dicono quello che voglio sentire!:(

  3. Concordo con entrambi i massoni sopra di me! Fai un'intervista finta a Ben Weasel

  4. 1-non ho mai fatto una intervista finta in vita mia!!!Per che mi avete preso?
    2-con ben weasel non parlo. mi fa paura.

  5. 1- chi glielo spiega a danielino che l'italia non è una città?

    3- che panic si fosse fritto il cervello era già chiaro dai plus ones

    4- ha rotto il cazzo con sto kurt baker..

    nessuna domanda cattiva su benito.. da te non me l'aspettavo :(