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mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

intervista Il tizio con il basso nei queers

Un altra intervista completamente inutile a un personaggio di cui non frega un cazzo nessuno che dice il nulla assoluta in risposta a domande che non servono a un cazzo.
Ecco a voi Dangerous Dave tizio con in mano un basso che sta di fianco a Joe queer.
I piu fighi tra di voi lo conosceranno per via del suo altro gruppo i Bugs!

1-hey I chose to interview you over Lurch because i like the bugs. Tell us about them and you future plans.
The Bugs have a new record coming out on Kid Tested Records. It will be the greatest album of 2013. 

2-question one implies i don't like the nobodys which is kind of true...i like the style but don't find many songs are killers. Tell me they suck and pick a fight with your band mate.
Lurch is one of my best friends and I would never say anything bad about that fuckin nigger.

3-ok this is what people want to know. What does playing (touring) with joe queers mean? Everybody knows he's got passion but he's also got this asshole reputation (which to me means punk rock reputation). I've spoken to him a couple of times and he's always been cool.
Nah, Joe's a great guy. He'd give anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it. 

4-the queers are one of my favourate ever live bands. One of the reasons is that you don't care about showcasing new records no "(hey this is our best record ever bla bla" bullshit) you always play loads of classics and the best of the new stuff. Do you all decide or is it Joe's thing
We haven't used a set list since 1998. Joe calls out the songs or just starts them. The Ramones never used set lists either. The pro's know how to control the show.

5-anybody ever tell you that your much uglier than B-Face?
Nope! Actually, I'm the best looking man in punk rock.

6-what are your top five queers songs?
I hate all of them.

7-say something about the ramones. anything.
If it weren't for the Ramones, most music would not be here today.

8-How was the new years screeching weasel anniversary party? 
are they screeching weasel or a ben weasel karaoke show?
Fun shows. Sold out of course. The Queers stole the show both nights. 

9-what makes the queers so good?

10-when are you (Queers/bugs) coming to italy?
I think April. Ciao!

si sono inutile.

5 commenti:

  1. short songs for short attention spans è un disco meraviglioso!

  2. e comunque... ma non si chiamava desease?

  3. Justin disease è Lurch.

  4. 1) i Nobodys spaccano
    2) i Bugs non li ho mai ascotati; li etichetto come inutile a naso (forse tra un po' clicco sul video che hai postato, ma non ne sono sicuro)
    3) sto davide pericoloso propina risposte più inutili di quelle dei riccobellis

  5. x punk rock bible:

    i nobodys spaccano???? ma da quanto ascolti punk rock!?!? 2 mesi?

    ascoltati i veri gruppi punk rock!